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At Forward we aspire to excellence in the design and manufacture of power generating equipment for 5KW-50MW hydro power project. Our common goal is to work in close partnership with Customers in order to provide economic clearn energy and reliable equipments. contributing to their well-being by using our equipment. The greatest gratification for us is the smile of our Customer that achieves its goals through the results obtained with our technologies and professionalism.

A new smart micro pelton turbine for 20-200m water head, which is specialized for off-grid. 

   Pelton turbine 5KW-100KW

Once more, Vortex has developed a new turbine for home us . 

More and more customers without national grid access are now available to get electricy.

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Some of our results

            Mr. Jorge Ojeta-Colombia

“Forward delivered us a set of reliable Francis turbine, it’s running smoothly”

Mr. Daniel Kloser-Malawi

“With the help of Vortex, our village now has access of electricity”


Mr. Julio Saez-Chile 

“Everything is lighten up with high head micro pelton turbine!”


Mr. Willyam Hot-Brazil

“These turbines are really marvellous!”

Jim Man- U.K.

"With Forward's turbine all electricity demand of our facility has been solved!"

Mr. Leonardo Mendoza-Mexico

“Our turbine has been running for three years without any problem!”

Mr. Arshed Youself -Pakistan

“Excellent partners and excellent solutions for hydro power.”

Marek Soons-Papua New Guinea

“Thanks for providing us the solution of rural energy project!”

Impact type

Pelton turbine belongs to impulse turbine category. Except features of low invest, compact structure and easy to install, compared with turgo turbine, efficiency of pelton turbine is much higher, and it can be use to develop higher hydraulic power resource.

Mixed flow type

Micro mixed flow turbine we produced is horizontal axial arrangement type. They are suitable for 5-30m water head, capacity 5KW-100KW. Separated generator and turbine design facilitate maintenance and spare parts replacing. Structure of turbine three bearings and generator 2 bearings makes it much more robust, and in additional turbine’s individual lubricate system ensure a service life of at least 30 years. According to customer’s feedback, this unit of turbine able to work three years continuously while doesn’t need to change any bearing.

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Forward hydro
Design and production of generating equipment
for 5KW-50MW hydro power project.

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