Turgo turbine

The Turgo turbine is an impulse water turbine designed for medium head applications. Operational Turgo Turbines achieve efficiencies of about 87%. In factory and lab tests Turgo Turbines perform with efficiencies of up to 90%. It works with net heads between 15 and 300 m.

Turgo turbine

Characteristics of  Forward Turgo turbines: Closes the gap between Francis, Crossflow and Pelton turbines, Head range 15 … 300, Output up to 10,000 KW,Single or double jet design, Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic, performance (important on long pipelines),Significantly less sensitive to contamination than Francis turbines, Flat efficiency curve shows high efficiency also at partial water flow, Geometry of stream and runner are optimized for efficiency in WKV’s own laboratory, The high specific speed allows using the Turgo principle instead of multi-jet Pelton turbines or instead of Francis turbines at lower partial load efficiencies


Optimized  runner designs for highest efficiencies, Runner made of high-quality and abrasion-proof stainless steel.

Hydro Generator

The alternators consist of the main internal-pole generator and the external-pole exciter machine. The entire design is configured for highest reliability, quality and durability. All generator of Forward are brushless synchronous genertor, the unit capacity raning from 5KW to 50MW, Insulation clase F/F, power factor cosφ 0.8 o 0.9 optional, Voltage 110V- 13,800V, easy to mainain.

Rotator and stator

The stator core is made up of low-loss laminations, pressed together by means of pressure plates to form a compact unit.

The rotor windings comply with temperature class H or F in accordance with DIN EN 60034-1 and VDE 0530-1. 

CAD drawing of turgo turbine. We are able to provide customers overall technical support.

Micro turgo turbine for Malawi customer.

Technical description

Water head up to  300 metro, Unit capacity 5KW-10MW. Runner diameter 20-600cm. 


Spear valve controlled electrically or hydraulically. Hydraulic governor Adopt Standard GB/T9652.1-1997 “Technical condition of turbine control system”.

Control Panel

It has the functions of excitation device, protection device and monitoring device.The excitation device has  constant voltage, constant current, constant power factor adjustment mode, and the rectification part uses full control rectifier bridge. We are able to make the whole unit be ummanned control. SCADA, remote control are optional.

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