160KW Horizontal turgo turbine- Malawi

The turgo turbine set delivered by Vortex running quite smoothly in our villeage! With this unit of micro hydro turbine the while villeage able to connect to national grid. It has been a pleasure working together with them. We are deeply impressed by their technology and professionism. And in the coming years, more turbines manfuactured by Vortex will installed in our country!

Technical description

Water head: 160m, water flow: 0.13 m3/sec. Penstock size: 250mm, Governor: Manual-eletric governor, control panel: Full auto unmanned control.

Horizontal turgo turbine

Stainless steel runner

Synchronous generator

Control Panel

It has the functions of excitation device, protection device and monitoring device.The excitation device has  constant voltage, constant current, constant power factor adjustment mode, and the rectification part uses full control rectifier bridge. 

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