Domestic hydroelectric generator, residential hydroelectric 

Lighting mountain communities through one simple solution, Access to clean and affordable modern energy is critical for social and economic development.Domestic hydroelectric generator are widely usted in remote area which has no access to national grid, they are suitable for mountain area that has great of hydraulic power resources. a home use micro hydro power systems is enough to cover electricy demand of one house o one facility.

Micro pelton turbine

Pelton turbine belongs to impulse turbine category. Except features of low invest, compact structure and easy to install, compared with turgo turbine, efficiency of pelton turbine is much higher, and it can be use to develop higher head of hydraulic power resource.Dual nozzle pelton turbine is totally designed and produce by our company .

Runeer of pelton turbine

  • Optimized jet and runner designs for highest efficiencies
  • Spear valve controlled either electrically or hydraulically
  • Runner made from high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel

Technical description


Water head  20-200m, unit capacity 5KW-100KW. Runner diameter 23cm-80cm.

Duale nozzle design helps balance water force on runner, longer the spalife of runner.

Innovative deisign, working efficiency higher than 85%.


Generator adopted by Forward is brushless excitation type, which installed AVR device to ensure a steady output voltage. Frequency, voltage are all able to customizable. 

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