Successful Projects

Tubular turbine generator set
Water head: 2 m to 25 m Capacity:
160 KW to 5000 KW

Bulb tubular turbine generator set
Water head: 2 m to 20 m Capacity:
2000 KW to 40000 KW

SIMALIWA Hydraulic Power Project in Italy
CJA475-W-110/2 ×8.5 SFW1600-10/1730
Water head: 265 m Water flow: 0.734 m3/

ROTANDA Hydraulic Power Project
in MozambiqueCJA237-W-80/1×9 SFW570-8/990
Water head: 210.5 m Water flow: 0.358 m3/s

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Forward hydro
Design and production of generating equipment
for 5KW-50MW hydro power project.

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