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  • Micro hydroelectric generator
  • Micro hydroelectric generator
  • Micro hydroelectric generator

Micro hydroelectric generator

Pelton turbines are used on medium to high head hydropower sites with heads from 20 metres up to hundreds of metres.

Power outputs can range from a few kW up to tens of MW’s on the largest utility-scale Pelton systems. Because the operating head is high, the flow rate tends to be low, ranging from 5 litres/second on the smallest systems up to 1 m3/s on larger systems. The relatively low operating flow rate is not a problem because the terrain required to achieve the heads must be hilly or even mountainous, and these are typically high-up in a river catchment so the catchment area, and hence flow rate, is small.
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Characteristics of ForwardHydro Kaplan turbines:

1. Closes the gap between Francis, Crossflow and Pelton turbines

2. Head range from 20m up to 160 m

3. Runner diameter from 20 cm to 600 cm

4. Jet deflectors for outstanding dynamic performance (important on long pipelines)

5. Significantly less sensitive to contamination than Francis turbines

6. Optimized runner design for highest efficiencies(84%-91%) even at partial flow 

7. Runner made of high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel

8. Full-auto unmanned control, low maintenance

9. Geometry of stream and runner are optimized for efficiency in Forwardhydro’s own laboratory

10. Flat efficiency curve shows high efficiency also at partial water flow

The history of the Pelton turbine

In 1879, the American engineer Lester Pelton developed the Pelton turbine which he had patented a year later. This type of turbine uses the kinetic energy of water to generate electrical energy.

Application area of Pelton turbines

Pelton turbines are ideal for very large heights (80m to 1000m) and small amounts of water. A major advantage of the Pelton turbine is that each individual nozzle can be controlled separately. Fluctuations in the amount of water are therefore not a problem and can be processed easily and efficiently.

dual nozzle pelton turbine
ForwardHydro's Pelton Turbine with 2 injectors

Depending on the individual requirements of your project, we offer:

  • Horizontal Pelton turbine with 1 to 3 nozzles
  • Vertical Pelton turbine with 4 or 6 nozzles

Thanks to the redirection of the water in the bucket by almost 180°, our Pelton turbine can convert almost all of the water’s energy to the turbine runner. This guarantees an efficiency of up to 92%.

Another decisive advantage of this type of turbine is the high efficiency curve over the entire performance range.

“All from a single source” – True to our company slogan, we also supply the necessary accessories for your turbine. This includes hydro-mechanical steel components, turbine control systems and much more.

Operating principle of the Forwardhydrp's Pelton turbine:

Compared to other type of turbin, the Pelton runner bears the closest resemblance to the traditional water wheel. In the Pelton turbine, the water hits the middle of two half-shells, the so-called buckets. The water jet comes from one or more nozzles at high pressure and is deflected inside the buckets by almost 180 degrees. As a result, almost the entire kinetic energy of the water is transferred to the turbine runner and thus converted into mechanical energy. This in turn is used to generate electrical energy trough the generator.turbina pelton

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