10KW hydro turbine, 5KW water turbine

Micro water turbine, micro hydro generator, or micro hydroelectric generator for home use usually is meaning the hydro generator of capacity less than 100KW. It has the features of compact design, low investment, eacy to install, low maintenance. The micro hydro turbine for home use of Forward covering turgo turbine, pelton turbine, francis turbine, axial flow turbine. Unit capacity upto 100kw and water head upto more than 280m.

Micro turgo turbine

Turgo turbine is a kind of impulse turbine, it is one of the best option for developing high head small flow rate hydraulic power resources. It has features of low invest, high efficiency, compact structure and easy to install.Micro turgo turbine designed and produced by FORWARD cover single nozzle and dual nozzle type, they are suitable for water head 12-100m, capacity 3KW-20KW.


Runner diameter upto 50cm.

Technical description

Water head from 12m upto more than 100m, unit capacity from 3KW upto 20KW.

Single nozzle pelton turbine, which suitable for water head 15-100m,unit capacity: 3-20KW.

Model of dual nozzle turgo turbine, suitable for water head 12-100m, unit capacity: 3-20KW.


Generator adopted by Forward is brushless excitation type, which installed AVR device to ensure a steady output voltage. Frequency, voltage are all able to customizable. 

Installation of 5KW turgo turbine 

Horizontal dual nozzle turgo turbine 

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