micro hydro power generator for home

micro hydro power generator for home or hydro turbine generator for home use, usually is meaning the hydro generator of capacity less than 50KW. It has the features of compact design, low investment, eacy to install, low maintenance. The micro hydro turbine for home use of Forward covering turgo turbine, pelton turbine, francis turbine, axial flow turbine. Unit capacity upto 100kw and water head upto more than 280m.

Micro Radial flow turbine

Micro radial flow turbine designed by Forward is suitable for develop middle and high head hydraulic power resource. Separated generator and turbine design facilitate maintenance and spare parts replacing. Structure of turbine three bearings and generator 2 bearings makes it much more robust, and in additional turbine’s individual lubricate system ensure a service life of at least 30 years. According to customer’s feedback, this unit of turbine able to work three years continuously while doesn’t need to change any bearing.

Technical description

Water head  15-100 meter, flow rate  0.001-0.22 m3/sec, unit capacity 3KW-100KW.

Complete set which is very easy to install and maintain. Robust design spanlife at least 30 years.

The cliente doesn’t have to build complicated civi works.


Generator adopted by Forward is brushless excitation type, which installed AVR device to ensure a steady output voltage. Frequency, voltage are all able to customizable. 

15KW radial flow turbine running at Chile customer’s farm.

Radial flow turbine arrived Mexico customer’s facility.

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