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  • Kaplan turbine price

Kaplan turbine price

The Kaplan turbine is a propeller-type water turbine which has adjustable blades.

The Kaplan turbine was an evolution of the Francis turbine. Its invention allowed efficient power production in low-head applications which was not possible with Francis turbines. The head ranges from 2–70 metres and the output ranges from 50 kW to 200 MW. Runner diameters are between 2 and 11 metres. Turbines rotate at a constant rate, which varies from facility to facility.

Kaplan turbines are now widely used throughout the world in high-flow, low-head power production.
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Characteristics of ForwardHydro Kaplan turbines:

1. Water head range from 2 m up to 70 m

2. Capacity ranging from 40 kW upo 50 MW

3. Runner diameter from 40 cm to 600 cm

4. Fixed blade runner and angle adjustable runner(Kaplan turbine) optional

5. Guide vane controlled either eletrically or hydraulically

6. Optimized runner design for highest efficiencies(88%-95%) even at partial flow 

7. Runner made of high grade, extremely wear resistant, stainless steel

8. Full-auto unmanned control, low maintenance

 Turbine  Vertical Propeller turbine  Generator  Synchronous generator
 Model  ZDK400-LH-225 Model  SF1000-36/2840
 Rated head  6m Number of poles  36 poles 
 Rated flow 21.5 m3/sec Excitation mode Stationary controllable silicone
 Turbine output  1113 KW Generator capacity  1000KW
 Runner diameter 225 cm Rated voltage  400V
 Rated speed 166.7 rpm Rated speed 166.7 rpm
 Rated efficiency 92% Rated efficiency  91%
 Runner material Stainless steel( optional) Rated frequency 50Hz
 Baldes's angle +8 ° Insulation class F/F
Guide vane control  Hydraulically Power factor 0.8(lag)

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